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Gelato - Fruit Combo with D24 Durian

This Fruit Combo with D24 Durian consists of six 100ml cups of the following flavours that will refresh you!

1. Alphonso Mango - “It takes two to Mango”

2. Dragon's Passion - “Light up that passion in you”

3. Golden Cempedak - “Eat like a winner, go for gold”

4. Strawberry Yogurt - “A berry wonderful treat"

5. Tropical Coconut - “I’m Coco-nuts about gelato”

6. D24 Durian - “A scent-sational feast in every spoonful”

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Gelato - Fruit Combo with D24 Durian

Made in Malaysia with 100% real fruits.

Consume immediately upon opening.

Size: 100 ml cup

Ingredients: water, fruits, sugar, corned oil, skimmed milk, glucose syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin, permitted food stabilizer, colour & flavour.

Nutrition facts (per 100g): energy (193kcal), protein (2.0g), sugar (5.2g), carbohydrate (21.5g), fat (10.6g).

Manufactured by: Chow Kai Peng Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Distributed by: EnParty Innovation Sdn Bhd

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