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Frozen D24 Durian Flesh

This popular variety has the most pungent smell among all durians. Its yellow flesh has a fibrous quality which lends itself well to baking and making other treats. Bitter and sweet in equal measure, expect a dry mouthfeel.

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Frozen D24 Durian Flesh

Durian characteristics: Yellowish flesh, strongest (pungent) smell among durians, fibrous thus suitable for baking and other products. Sweet level (8/10) and bitterness level (8/10). Big seed. Dry flesh

Made in Malaysia with 100% real flesh with no added sugar or addictive.

Store in the freezer.

Package size: 2 kg

Manufactured by: Chow Kai Peng Enterprise Sdn Bhd (296808-U)

Distributed by: EnParty Innovation Sdn Bhd (1138479-D)

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