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  1. The Bentong Durian Shop, Your All Year Durian Fix

    Bentong is perhaps the most famous place for durian in Malaysia after Penang Island. It’s just an hour’s drive over the mountain range from big-city KL, yet feels like a small, cozy, walk-able little town. The streets are arranged in square blocks of tidy Chinese shop houses dating from the early 1900’s, kept tidy with fresh paint and delightfully surprising murals and decorations.
  2. Malaysia International Durian Cultural Tourism Festival in Bentong

    Stephen Chow featured in an article that was covering the Malaysia International Durian Cultural Tourism Festival.
  3. Having a Good Nose for Business

    A highlight on The Durian Shop's owner Stephen Chow on his journey in how he got into the agriculture business and now creating fresh, good quality fruit products that benefits not only the consumers but down to the farmers in the supply chain.
  4. 半天售超过1000公斤 - 榴莲嘉年华热起来了

    Newspaper clipping
  5. 西彭榴莲旅游嘉年华 - 三天卖四公吨榴莲

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  6. 西彭榴莲旅游展次日迎人潮 - 不到半天售近一吨榴莲

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  7. 西彭榴莲及旅游嘉年华

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  8. 榴莲七月又飘香 - 园主脸书公告邀老饕品尝

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  9. 文冬榴莲才开花 - 先吃劳勿榴莲解瘾

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  10. 文冬企业迈向多元化吸客 - 开放生产部遊览果园

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