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Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Our products are certified Halal, and are made of 100% real fruits and high-quality ingredients.

Packed-fresh Daily

Packed-fresh Daily

Fresh fruit are harvested direct from our farm, processed, packed, and delivered to you on the same day (within Klang Valley).

100% Local

100% Local

Grown in Bentong, Pahang, each purchase you make supports the local farmers and community.

30 years of expertise

30 years of expertise

Our family business started in 1987 and ever since then, we have been delivering high quality products daily.

Reviews fresh from the tree

  • Chiuo Shing - Gelato

    Chiuo Shing - Gelato

    Received my free ice cream today, thanks! This is my second time having their ice cream; love the Musang King, Super D24 and Mango flavor as they’re all rich in taste! Love the Royal Chocolate as it’s not overly sweet! Matcha and Coconut are nice too!
  • Nasir Zihni - Durians

    Nasir Zihni - Durians

    Received the durian pack today on time. This is my first order and ‘WOW’, the taste is fantastic. Can feel the freshness of Musang King. Will definitely order again!!!
  • Elisa Ho - Dried Fruits

    Elisa Ho - Dried Fruits

    Tried the mangoes, dragonfruit, guava and pineapple. The fruit slices are delicious, naturally sweet and taste like the real fruit. I will be buying more of these "no-guilt" healthy snacks to add to my nuts to satisfy my snack fix!
  • Karen Marie Christie - Orchard Visit

    Karen Marie Christie - Orchard Visit

    For RM90 per person, you get to eat all the durian Kampung and Musang King at The Durian Shop's orchard! It also came with lunch - great experience for any durian lover.
  • Punitha Harikrishnan - Gelato

    Punitha Harikrishnan - Gelato

    The Musang King and Alfonso Mango Gelatos were really awesome. A real thumbs up. Highly recommend this place.
  • Jochebed Ling - Durians

    Jochebed Ling - Durians

    Quality durians with on time delivery. With a new baby, not much time to go around so the delivery was a blessing! Yumz!
  • Alson Mook - Gelato

    Alson Mook - Gelato

    The shop (in Bentong) is simple and tidy and has a variety of local products! Musang King gelato, 100% natural food snacks and ginger products.
  • Leng Li See - Durians

    Leng Li See - Durians

    It was my first time ordering durians from The Durian Shop. The taste of Musang King is good, 100% fresh durian. Hope that they will keep delivering the best quality of durians.
  • Robert Tan Sri Lai - Gelato

    Robert Tan Sri Lai - Gelato

    I absolutely loved the Durian gelato that I had; my only complaint was that the portion served was too little for me!!!
  • Angu Lim - Gelato

    Angu Lim - Gelato

    Super duper delicious gelato!! Satisfaction GUARANTEED!!! 100% from fresh fruits!!! Especially MUSANG KING Durian flavour!!! Please do order and as they even deliver to your doorstep!!!!
  • SY Ng - Gelato

    SY Ng - Gelato

    Good service! I love the Passion Fruit juice and the gelato!

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